LeakAware Case Study

LeakAware is a SaaS product that helps multifamily properties save time, money, and water with real-time water usage and leak tracking technologies.

Dave Paola

Ryan Wehner (Founder) had a legacy application that routinely took 30+ seconds to load and was causing them to lose clients during demo calls. He needed to transform his legacy application into a sellable production-ready app.

Sierra Rails worked with Ryan and his team to boost the performance of LeakAware, add a host of new features, fix long-standing bugs, modernize the codebase, and streamline the development and deployment process.

The LeakAware product

Boosting performance

After an audit of the LeakAware codebase, Sierra Rails identified hundreds of issues that prevented the application's screens from loading quickly.

"I began working with Dave and his team after years of working with offshore teams. I found them to be far more results-oriented, professional, and easier to work with over the long term. As someone who’s managed a company of over 1,000 employees built from the ground up, I can’t recommend Sierra Rails enough."

Ryan Wehner (Founder, LeakAware)

LeakAware was able to successfully onboard 100+ more properties and save millions of gallons of water for customers, more than doubling the MRR for the business.

Sierra Rails kanban workboard for LeakAware

How did LeakAware succeed?

  • Disciplined prioritization meant we were always making the right decision for the business. Features that were unthinkably costly and time consuming 12 months ago became realistic and valuable to the business.

  • Rather than treating changes as expensive (and deploying big, risky changes once every few weeks), LeakAware was able to ship continuously multiple times per day. A brand new automated testing suite meant that we caught regressions so customers had a smooth upgrade experience.

  • With a fast, reliable application, LeakAware was able shift from being fearful of making changes to confidently shipping new features and enhancements to show off during demo calls.

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