Sierra Rails

Need an upgrade?

If you don't have the time or energy to perform important upgrades to your Rails app, let us do it for you.

Stay on the latest and greatest Ruby on Rails

Once we assess your codebase, you can rest easy knowing the experts have it covered.

Comprehensive Testing

All upgrades start with code coverage. If your code coverage is lacking, we'll work with you to identify critical paths and ensure they're covered with automated tests.

Dependencies and Complexity

We analyze every dependency to ensure maximum compatibility and speed. We'll also identify any areas of your code that will resist the upgrade process and improve them.


We'll start with your base version of the Ruby runtime and the Rails framework and upgrade each systematically through each subsequent version.

Ship your feature work,
We'll do the dirty work.

We get it. Features take priority over upgrades. That's why we're here. We'll ship your upgrade without interrupting your backlog.

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Upgraded gems

Surgically precise upgrades of your dependencies

Javascript and stylesheets included

Get out of webpack hell (or skip it altogether)

One branch, delivered

Your upgraded app delivered in a single branch

Advice for the future

To keep your future upgrades fast and easy

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