Move faster with your legacy app.

Working with legacy software can be slow and expensive. We make it fast and affordable.

Software Development

Your business has an untold story - a story where technology is your differentiator. You can save time and money and meet your goals more quickly with great software. We can help.


You have a legacy application developed over the course of many years that is in dire need of attention. We can modernize your application and make sure it runs smoothly and quickly for your users.

Accelerate your team

We can help your existing engineering team increase code quality and maintainability so that you can make faster changes more confidently.

"Sierra Rails created an extremely valuable asset out of a product that was sliding precipitously towards liability. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for professionals who get the job done."

Ryan Wehner (Founder, LeakAware)

We work in partnership with
your business.

We work hard to understand how your project fits into your business so we can help align the roadmap to your business objectives.

In-House Developers

We hire our own developers. We don’t outsource your project. This means our developers are intimately involved in every step of the project. When we combine competent developers with organizational clarity, magical things happen.

High sustained velocity

From kickstarting your project to shipping results each and every week, we prioritize sustained deliverables over single heroic deliveries. This means we deliver consistent value.

How can Sierra Rails help your business succeed?